Interactive debates and panel discussions in a variety of formats enable you to explore the current radical transformation of the ICT sector at World 2013. The event theme of “Embracing Change in a Digital World” will focus on five major areas of change revolutionising both the industry, and the way we live our lives.

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Embracing Change in a Digital World

Changes in the way we communicate with each other

Messaging and “rich voice” using presence and social media capabilities are increasingly replacing voice calls – with social media and video over IP networks driving both bandwidth demand and end-user power.

Changing business models

Exceptional opportunities in machine-to-machine communications and the Internet of Things can enable socio-economic development on an unprecedented scale – creating new business spaces and the need for radically new business models.

Changing industry dynamics

New technologies and markets are introducing new players to the industry, such as over-the-top players competing with established telcos. Traditional business models are broken, regulatory frameworks increasingly inadequate and the value chain must be reassessed.

Changes in technology

Unlimited and low-cost processing, storage and communication capabilities combined with developments in software designed networks are leading to a singularity in the ICT industry, where change is so rapid, and its impact so deep, that human life itself is irreversibly transformed.

Changes in standardization and regulatory regimes

New technologies and altered industry dynamics have left many existing regulatory approaches increasingly out of date. Regulatory and standardization bodies need to adjust to ensure fair access to broadband services, to meet the challenges of cross-sector convergence and address issues of privacy, data protection and cybersecurity.

Session Formats

Panel Sessions

Experts drawn from public, private and research sectors explore the core issues facing ICTs today from contrasting perspectives. Interactive, free of presentations or pre-set agendas, often passionate, panel sessions encourage contributions and questions from audiences both onsite and online.

Ministerial Roundtables

Leading representatives of governments from around the world around one table to share policies, perspectives and best practices on ICT topics of critical interest.

Big Conversations

One professional media moderator. Three or four influential representatives of government, industry, regulatory or academic bodies. One plenary audience ready to engage on ICT issues. The makings of a Big Conversation.

Visionary Keynotes

Industry leaders offer their personal viewpoints and powerful insider insights on the future direction of the ICT sector and its impact upon the world in which live.

Co-hosted Sessions

Forum sessions or facilitated workshops organized by ITU but shaped by input and contributions from interested companies or organizations.