“Being part of the ITU Telecom World 2012 was an amazing experience. I had the chance of participating in useful workshops on entrepreneurship and interact with our mentors, who gave me great advice on how to start a company. I also loved having a booth at the Exhibition Hall and being able to talk to people that were interested in my device. One of the highlights of the event for me was the networking sessions. I believe those sessions were really good to get to know very influential people and potential customers. I think that being part of the event was very important for me. It helped by establishing working relationships and set up direction and business strategy for my device, and it left me with very good prospects for the future.”

Victoria Alonsoperez
Chipsafer, Winner, Young Innovators Competition 2012

“I think it is the perfect space to exchange ideas at the highest level, with CEO regulators, ministers consultants, experts,, futurists, people that come there to share their vision. It’s a unique opportunity for all the industry to meet together, to have peaceful, but very intense and interesting discussions.”

Clément Charles
CEO, AllTheContent.com

“ICTs allow the state to provide better quality services at lower costs to more people. No other environment allows this. (At World 2012) we can win time in Africa, gain several years by drawing on the experience of other countries to go more quickly in the services and technologies offered. We leave enriched by the exchanges we have had here at every level.”

Bruno Nabagné Kone
Minister for ICT, Ivory Coast

“The whole experience in Dubai was a game changer for me and opened my mind to new possibilities. The workshops that I participated in during my Dubai experience were incredibly motivating and valuable. They taught me new skills to develop further. Perhaps for the most important life lesson that I have taken back with me is that one must never underestimate the powerful value that connections can bring to any business opportunity. By just being around such amazing talented people like my mentors and the other finalists was an opportunity of a lifetime and has inspired me and motivated to new heights so I can achieve my true potential.”

Ludger Peters
HiYP, Winner, Young Innovators Competition 2012

“It was an honor for me to meet great people like Dr Hamadoun I. Touré and several others during the conference. They shared their thoughts about technology and innovation and how young minds can play their role in the betterment of the society. These two months have totally changed my life. ITU has played its role in kick starting LabMagic. And I hope that this idea can now serve its purpose by building a cost effective learning tool for the high school students of Pakistan, giving them a different and fun way of learning science subjects.”

Iram Tariq Bhatti
LabMagic, Winner, Young Innovators Competition 2012

“Talent. Imagination. Visions. Passion – you see passion all over the place at World 2012, and the focus that we can collectively together make the world a better place.”

Theo Cosmora
CEO, The People's Vision

“During ITU Telecom we can see new ideas, new products. The exhibition is very interesting, these conferences make big sales, are a big occasion to discuss, to (get to) know each other, because of nothing is so good for the people as when we can personally talk to each other”

Magdalena Gaj
President, Office of Electronic Communications, Poland

“It is a very good event, bringing together all nations in a multi stakeholder event to create new opportunities for ICT services for all, particularly in developing societies.”

Ali Abbasov
Minister for Communication and Information Technology, Azerbaijan

“ITU Telecom World is an excellent showcase of the creativity, passion and drive needed to create real change.”

Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mohamed Saud Al-Thani
Chairman, Ooredoo

“Where else can you get 80, 90, 100 ministers in one venue at one time? It would take you a year to meet that many people, and you can do it at ITU Telecom in two or three days. It’s brilliant for meeting people – and decision makers”.

John Davies
VP World Ahead, Intel

“Taking part in the ITU telecom events really helps us to reach the decision makers. There are many of them there, you can get to them in a very efficient manner, you can talk with numbers of them at the same time about common concepts. Having all those countries together and sharing those ideas and best practices, it is an absolutely perfect venue for that.”

John Davies
VP World Ahead, Intel

“A multitude of people from all around the world are here, the manufacturers, the government leaders are here, people involved in ICT are here, users, legislators, everyone is here and the message is the same, we need to move from this point to another level and we can’t do that if we don’t interlink and work through a forum like this.”

Kennedy Zakeni
Minister for Information, Zambia, interviewed at World 2012

“The first value (of ITU Telecom events) is meeting people, knowing all ministers around the world and sharing experiences with, learning from others what works and what does not.”

Diego Molano Vega
Minister of ICT, Colombia



“There are many reasons why we are at World 2012: to be aware of what is happening around the world; the conversations going on right now are really important for us as we take ICTs forward; to hear what other countries are doing, to learn from that; to validate what we are doing; to showcase our country with a pavilion, with our young IT innovators; and to tell other countries that it is a great place to invest, with many investment opportunities.”

Omobola Johnson
Minster of Communications Technology, Nigeria

“The biggest benefit for us of attending ITU Telecom World is networking with some of the most important influencers in the industry as a whole to help build some consensus around our ongoing efforts in cybersecurity”

Stuart Carlaw
CRO, ABI Research